What is Love and the Meaning of Love


  • connects us
  • is the joy in our step
  • generates goodwill
  • knows forgiveness
  • is tolerant
  • destroys hatred
  • brings peace
  • is the song in our heart
  • is life
  • knows no boundaries
  • is the great healer
  • is our reason for being
  • is eternal
  • lets us see the good in everyone
  • is a parent and child
  • reminds us of our humanness
  • is our dreams come true
  • is GOD within
  • is limitless
  • cultivates courage and dissolves fear
  • is our courage to go on
  • makes our eyes sparkle
  • is a great teacher
  • is the start of a new day
  • makes the world go ’round
  • creates better relationships
  • appreciates all things
  • is grace
  • is the reason for happiness
  • is generosity
  • is our inner child
  • is NOT selfish or unkind
  • understands universal abundance
  • is our connection to source
  • lives in nature
  • is a smile
  • is the faith in our hearts
  • is fuel for the soul
  • is the family bond

What the world needs now…
is love sweet love,
it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…

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