Tough Mudder Wisconsin Events 2011


Tough Mudder Electroshock Obstacle

Described as “Ironman meets Burning Man” and “probably the toughest event on the planet,” the Wisconsin Tough Mudder competition was designed by British Special Forces to test all-around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.

This year’s Wisconsin Tough Mudder Event was held on the slopes of Devil’s Head Resort in Merrimac, WI over the weekend of July 23rd & 24th. Nearly 12,000 participants tested their level of fitness and endurance over the 2-day competition. But, many didn’t look at the Tough Mudder as a competition, it was more about working together as a team to get through all the challenging obstacles and make it to the finish line.

Many participants didn’t make it to the end, some suffered serious injuries, but that didn’t stop the thousands who endured and received their “orange trophy headband” and a Tough Mudder t-shirt after making it through every obstacle in the long course.

Tough Mudder Video of the Start and Finish of the race by course participant and fitness trainer, Nathan Traeder (who did finish the course, with only minor injuries and helped other members of his team through to the finish line as well)

The Tough Mudder Wisconsin course was 10-12 miles long and featured 25 unique obstacles for participants to brave their way over, under and through. The obstacles included crawling under barbed wire, jumping into freezing cold water, and getting shocked by 10,000 volts just before reaching the finish line. The event was even more challenging due to the extreme temps in the 90′s, increasing the risk of heat exhaustion/dehydration.

Tough Mudder Video with participants enduring extreme sets of obstacles.

More than 7,500 toughed their way through the Tough Mudder course on Saturday, and about 3,500 more participated Sunday.

The event had the feel of an Ironman Triathlon competition and the look of the television show “Wipeout,” but more closely resembled boot camp, minus the screaming instructors.


Nathan Traeder & Chad Moeller

Nathan Traeder and Chad Moeller, personal trainers at ShockBody Fitness, congratulated each other after crossing the finish line at the Tough Mudder Wisconsin event, along with the other members of their team: Tammy Becker, Susan Stiemetz, Ashley Bechtel, Karen Scott, Kevin Sorenson and Kris Larson.

The group trained diligently since April in order to be ready and plan to compete again at next year’s Wisconsin Tough Mudder event. (Date and location to be announced)

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