Tomato Heirloom Seeds

I wanted to add to my post from yesterday where I purchased my Heirloom tomato and other Heirloom vegetable seeds for this year’s garden. I placed a first time order with Pinetree Garden Seeds of New Gloucester, Maine at their website:

I was very happy with the order process and with the seeds I received. Though the packets contained less seed than the usual packet, the prices are much less than I have paid with other seed companies. (average price for tomato seed is about $1.10 ea. pack) Since I save my seed anyway I don’t need a huge amount of seeds to start with. They have a good selection of other Heirloom vegetable seed varieties as well and are worth checking out.

Another long-time favorite seed and gardening company is Territorial Seed Company. I have ordered Heirloom and also other non-hybrid seed varieties from them and have always been happy with their service and seed selection. Their website is: and they are located in Oregon, U.S.A

Note: For those that may be new to seed saving, it is important to harvest seed from non-hybrid or heirloom plants. I have found that Hybrid varieties don’t usually produce viable seed or the plants you end up with, if the seed does germinate, are not the same as the parent plant.  So, it’s important to start with non-hybrid seed!

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