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kosak-chimney-service-team-reedsburg-wiYou Can Count on the Team at Kosak Chimney Service to Clean Your Fireplace or Wood Stove’s Chimney AND Handle Repairs or Installation of Your New Wood or Pellet Stove too!

We also handle maintenance, repairs, new chimney liners and inspections.

Successfully Serving the Reedsburg, Baraboo, Portage, Poynette, Mauston and Wisconsin Dells area Since 1978!

reedsburg wood pellet stoves serviceOne of Wisconsin’s most affordable chimney cleaning services, with prices starting at just $99 (We clean, service and repair wood, corn, and pellet stoves too!)

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For a Free estimate or consultation call us today at: 608-768-1776

How long has it been since your chimney or wood stove was properly cleaned?

Call 608-768-1776 today to find out how you can save 50% on your chimney or stove cleaning and service. We REWARD Our Customers!

We service ALL makes: Cumberland,  Fahrenheit, Magnum, Breckwell, PelPro, Golden Eagle, U.S Stove works and more.

Kosak Chimney & Stove Service Specializes In:

  • Chimney Cleaning, Service and Inspections
  • Chimney Repair and Liners
  • Installation of Liners, Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, etc.
  • Wood & Pellet Stove Sales and Service
  • Fireplace Dampers and Caps Installed

Why is Chimney or Stove Cleaning & Maintenance Important?

It is very important to have your chimney cleaned regularly for hazard free operation of your fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove. This service should be performed regularly by an experienced professional to maintain the performance, efficiency and useful life of your chimney, fireplace and your pellet or wood burning stoves.

Chimneys and stoves should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year when they are used regularly.

Kosak-Chimney-Service Reedsburg WIChimneys, fireplaces and wood stoves that have not been properly serviced can lead to serious problems. Smoke that fills your home rather than being vented through your chimney is the most common problem. If left unchecked, the build-up caused by the creosote emissions could block the airflow through your chimney resulting in a fire.

It is especially important for homeowners that use fireplaces and wood or pellet stoves as a source of home heating to have their system inspected and cleaned at the start of the heating season. This is no different than having a routine check of your furnace or air conditioning system.

Also, leaves and other debris (or even animals) can hamper air flow from your fireplace if a protective rain guard or chimney cap is not properly installed. This can result in smoke entering your home continuously. Even the construction of the chimney may be a factor.

Our professional Chimney & Stove Cleaning and Repair Service can help you determine the problem and implement a solution, fast.

We follow Certified Chimney Professional standards for chimney and stove inspection and cleaning which include:

1. Initial Inspection: We like to ask some questions to have a better understanding of any problems. We will ask when the chimney was last inspected or serviced and how often you use your fireplace or wood stove, just to name a few of the most common questions. A clear understanding of the situation helps us prepare for our visit with you.

2. Interior Inspection & Preparation: Once we arrive to your home, we’ll perform an interior inspection of your chimney, making sure that fireplaces and/or wood and pellet stoves are also thoroughly examined and note anything out of the ordinary. We’ll then proceed to close the dampers and run the vacuums, making sure that we avoid messes by putting down drop clothes.

3. Exterior Inspection & Cleaning: Once the interior is prepared and ready for cleaning from the exterior, the next step is the exterior inspection and cleaning. We’ll carefully examine your chimney, making sure that we take pictures of any damage to bring to your attention.

4. Interior Cleaning & Inspection: After the chimney flue has been cleaned and re-inspected from the roof top (or if the chimney will be completely swept from the bottom) the next step will be to clean and inspect the interior of the chimney.

5. Final Inspections: The first phase of our inspections involved a complete examination of readily accessible and remaining portions of the connected appliances and/or chimney connections. After that we move into:

  • An examination of readily accessible areas of the chimney flue that can be observed through the existing openings, such as a thimble or clean out.
  • An examination for proper installation, no damage or deterioration and the presence of a continuous chimney liner.
  • We’ll verify that the flue is free of combustible deposits, blockages or obstructions.
  • We’ll inspect appliance connectors and surroundings for proper clearances, protection, damage or deterioration, and observable evidence of operation malfunction.
  • An inspection of internal surfaces of fireplaces, stoves and smoke chambers for damage or deterioration, and observable evidence of operation malfunction.
  • The chimney exterior and surroundings which can be accessed without the removal of panels, doors or coverings.

6. Customer Report & Review: This is the final and most important step which includes the following:

  • Informing you of the work performed and the results of our inspections.
  • Educating you in ways to more properly use your system(s) if necessary; ways to improve your system to help you save money, or how to make your home safer.
  • You’ll sign and receive a copy of our inspection report and work order form and estimate.

Kosak-Chimney-Service Reedsburg WIWe’re happy to provide references if necessary and pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the area for chimney and stove services. And, we have more than 34 years experience!

We also sell new and used wood, pellet and cook stoves as well as handle their installation, service and repairs. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have…

Call Kosak Chimney Service of Reedsburg today, you’ll be glad you did!  608-768-1776

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Jun 10, 2015 by Tony
Business Name: Kosak Chimney and Stove 

After I bought my home, it needed lots of work as it is a very old and large house! I called around to find out what it would cost to have an insert put into the existing fireplace opening and was told the whole chimney and existing fireplace needed to be replaced by 2 companies...then I saw an ad for Kosak Chimney and called for a third opinion and WOW, they showed me what repairs were needed to make it safe and educated me on creosote. I hired them and at about a quarter of the cost of the other companies quotes have had a nice warm home for the last 15 winters. Very polite, intelligent, respectful company. I would recommend them to everybody. With the money they saved me I was able to buy my pontoon boat, but peace of mind has been so much more valuable!! Thank you

5.0 5.0 1 1 After I bought my home, it needed lots of work as it is a very old and large house! I called around to find out what it would cost to have an insert put into the existing fireplace Kosak Chimney and Stove Service

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