Reedsburg Wisconsin History

The History of Reedsburg, Wisconsin is Rich

“See Your Town and Yourself In the Movies” was the name of this 1938 film from Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

It was produced for the mothers of school musicians and first shown in the Reedsburg South School auditorium on November 8, 1938. Proceeds from the showing of the film were used for the benefit of school children interested in instrumental and vocal music.

The sound track and editing was done in 1991 by Bill Schuette.

These public You tube videos were uploaded by Paul Schonfeld.

More information on the History of Reedsburg, WI featured below the videos. Enjoy!

This is Part One of the Reedsburg History film.

This is Part Three of the Reedsburg, WI film from 1938. (Part two is missing)

Here are some of the football players in this segment.

47 Phil Sedgewick, 57 Evan Wheeler, 44 Dave Arvold, 49 Virgil LeMoine, 58 John Harrington, 47 Roe Shultis, 60 Enoch “Duck” Brice, 56 Bud White,? 50 Dave Arvold, 51 Carl Stubenvoll, 52 Royce Harms, 55 Bob Meyer (Captain)

John Plenke (Head Coach), Fred Hanson (Line Coach)

Part Four of the Reedsburg film footage.

Part Five (Last part) of the Reedsburg film

A Brief History of Reedsburg Wisconsin

Just west across the Baraboo River from downtown Reedsburg, James W. Babb registered his claim in 1848. He cultivated some of the prairie, used the timber to build a log house, and became the first white man to become a permanent resident in the Reedsburg area.

Having established himself in Reedsburg, he left his meager possessions in the care of the Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) Indians who resided in this area, and returned to Ohio to bring other members of his family to Reedsburg. On the west end of the bridge on Main Street is a marker recognizing the ford which the Babb family and the Indians used to cross the Baraboo river.

David C. Reed, hearing of deposits of iron and copper in the area, soon followed. He built a saw and grist mill on the river, and five shanties made of wood to house the laborers.

Reedsburg WI - Main Street Shops

Their shanties became known as Shanty Row and stood approximately where Main Street is today. Mr. Reed has been credited for starting the village, thus the name of Reedsburgh (Reedsburg) was given to the settlement.

Because the business buildings were mostly constructed of wood, they were easily destroyed by fire. Dating from the late 1800’s, new buildings replaced wooden structures. Most of these buildings stand today on Reedsburg’s Main Street, much as they were when originally constructed.

At the west end of the Main Street boulevard stands a monument marking the fact that the 90th meridian has been calculated to lie exactly 325 feet east of that marker. When the sun is directly at a 90? angle from Reedsburg, the time is exactly 12 noon. As you travel east or west from this line of longitude, time is not as exact. When you visit Reedsburg, Wisconsin, it is always “the right time!”

Reedsburg Area Historical Society

One of the largest collections of historic buildings in the county, and one of the most interesting, is the Pioneer Log Village and Museum just 3 miles east of Reedsburg on Highway 23/33. Gathered from 30 miles around Reedsburg are eight structures, all built between the Civil War and the end of the 19th century.

The old buildings contain a blacksmith shop, general store, library, a one-room schoolhouse and a church. The museum collection is housed in several buildings. Among the artifacts are farm machinery, a collection of Agnes Moorhead memorable, displays of vintage clothing in a living-room setting, and countless other historic items which will intrigue visitors to Reedsburg.

Contact LaVerne Kruse or Bob Reed for more information. Mailing address: P.O. Box 405, Reedsburg, WI 53959. Tours are available Saturdays and Sundays, from Memorial Day thru September, including the Fourth of July and Labor Day, from 1-4 p.m. Admission is by donation.


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