Indoor Planter Tomato System

Have you ever wanted to grow indoor tomatoes but didn’t think it was possible?

Have you thought, like I did, that you would need a lot of space or an expensive arrangement of grow lights to provide adequate light for them to grow properly?

If you love the taste of a fully vine-ripened tomato, you’ve probably thought of growing an indoor planter tomato so you could have access to real tomato flavor, any time of the year.

Heirloom tomatoes

I love growing heirloom tomatoes for their wonderfully unique flavors. There is just no comparison to anything I’ve found at the market. Come winter though, I really miss having fresh tomatoes for all the dishes I prepare with them. I discovered a way to grow winter tomatoes when a friend shared information about the AeroGarden with me. Up until then I didn’t think it was possible to provide my family with nutritious homegrown tomatoes much past October. And that’s only because I grow a few in my small greenhouse.

What I like about the AeroGrow indoor grow systems are that the lights are built in, they are attractive to look at, and they don’t take up very much space in my country kitchen. They even come in decorative colors and one that looks like a Lady Bug that would be perfect for a child’s indoor garden!

Their new model the AeroGarden 6 Elite+ is perfect for tomatoes because it is designed to accommodate the longer tomato vines. (Pictured below)
AeroGarden 6 Elite +
It makes growing indoor tomatoes so simple and can even be used to grow sweet red peppers and other tall plants. In areas with a shorter growing season it can be difficult to get peppers to the red ripe stage and growing them indoors gives you the extra time you need to fully ripen them. The only other alternative would be to grow them in a heated greenhouse which isn’t an option for most people. (or starting them really early in a heated greenhouse, which again, is not an option for most of us)

The AeroGarden 3 – Garden Anywhere is a smaller unit that can be used for growing culinary herbs year round which is perfect for those of us who cook a lot. Fresh herbs are usually not available in the markets here in the winter months and dried herbs just don’t add the same flavor to special recipes. The smaller AeroGardens are great for an indoor salad garden too!

AeroGarden – Free Shipping on any purchase over $30 and the price is right too, with units starting at just $49.99 and the most popular models featured at $99.99.

Now anyone can easily grow indoor tomatoes all year long!

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    Thanks for your comment. I will be updating some info on tomato blight and saving tomato seed that may interest you. Not sure when since I am busy cooking and canning tomato sauce right now. Recipes will also be posted soon. Sue

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