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Want to learn some easy green tips that will show you ways to be green that are budget-friendly and help simplify your life?

Our Go Green Tips page can help. Here we share ways to go green, green home tips, green tips for kids, and green facts you can use everyday. Whether you want to have a green office, eco friendly home or just want to pick up some green gardening tips you’ll find information and links to resources here.

What is Green Living?

Help Green Our Earth

Green living is all about sustainable living and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some people make big changes  to go green, others take it more slowly, as their budget allows.

If you want to go green in a big way add green electricity to your home. A green “renewable” energy system can save you a lot of money on your electric bill and even eliminate it entirely depending on how large a solar or wind powered system you install. See our Green Energy page or Wind Turbines page.

Using green energy is one of the best eco friendly tips we could suggest. If you aren’t able to afford solar panels or a wind turbine or don’t own your own home you can also choose to buy some of your electricity from renewable sources. Contact your utility provider about this option. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you may want to try making your own solar panels or small wind turbine and cut costs for these systems quite a bit. See this helpful guide for information.

Be Kind To Our Environment

Energy Green Home

Today there are many ways we can be more environmentally friendly. All around the world people are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and how the smallest actions can affect the planet and everyone in it.  Whether it is recycling or going solar, people are beginning to take bigger steps towards going green.

My family and I feel strongly about the environment and what happens to it.  That is why we started an educational  eco-center in our community years ago. We wanted to share our experience and help others learn how they too could live a green eco friendly lifestyle.

We recycle avidly, line dry our clothes instead of using the dryer (when we can), conserve water, create our own power with the wind and sun, heat with scrap wood, and eat organic food from our gardens, but there is so much more that can be done.

Recycling not only helps keep material that’s harmful to the environment from being put in landfills, but you can also make a little money from doing. There are many places that will pay you for such things as aluminum cans, scrap metal, and all those plastic bottles you get water and soda in.

Reducing the amount of electricity being used in your home is one of the easiest and most efficient ways for a family to go green.  For instance, Energy Star products are a great way to cut down on the amount of electricity used in a home, or even just changing your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.  Also, many people do not realize that when something is plugged in and turned off, it is still using electricity. Eliminating this “ghost electricity” helps too.

Residential water heating is typically the second largest use of energy in American homes. One of the things our family did was switch our older electric water heater to an energy efficient tankless water heater. This saves us 30-50% during summer months when it’s in use. See our article on tankless hot water heaters here. During the winter we have free hot water because we use the hot water from our outdoor wood boiler that heats our home.

Green Tip on Saving Gas

For some people, going green also means using less petroleum based products. Most of us start by reducing our fuel consumption. There are ways to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency or you can save up for a newer car that gets better gas mileage. You can also save gas by carpooling, using public transportation, walking or biking to work, or investing in a hybrid, alternative fuel, or electric vehicle. If you live in town another great way to save on gas is to buy a scooter. They are affordable, really gas efficient and a lot of fun to ride! Attach a small carrier to your scooter and you can even pick up a bag of groceries on your way home from work.

When people really commit to a green life, they can start reconstructing their homes. For instance they might build more airtight structures made up of “green” building materials, and rely on power generated by geothermal sources or the sun’s light.

New companies may be inspired to create completely green environments in new buildings. This was the case with the San Francisco California Academy of Sciences. In order to go green to the greatest extent, builders recycled about 90% of the previous building, creating a new structure with a green living roof on the top to provide better insulation. They also innovated heating, cooling and light systems to use the least amount of electricity. Some power is supplied by solar panels, and materials used in the building included denim instead of fiberglass for insulation.

Since we don’t all have the money to invest in completely remodeling our homes or businesses, we can make small “go green” choices. You can go slightly green by making sure to turn off computers and electronic equipment when you leave your home or business, by not leaving the water running when you’re brushing your teeth, and by purchasing cleaning products that are biodegradable, non-toxic and safer for everyone. There are also books on making your own non-toxic green cleaning products.

Large Home Garden

Another way to support green living is by purchasing food products locally, especially those that are organic and promote sustainable farming and animal husbandry methods. Even better yet, if you have room, plant a garden.

Learn to make your own compost with either a compost bin or one of the newer compost accelerators on the market. They provide finished compost in just a few weeks time. Using organic fertilizers and also pest control products cuts down on soil, air and ground water pollution. Sure it’s easy to buy a bag of name brand fertilizer or pesticide; however it is just as easy to find organic products, at about the same price. The larger name brand companies have put out their own lines of organic and non-toxic gardening products. If you are really into green sustainability you can try making your own garden buy sprays. It’s really not that hard. If you want to learn how to be your own source of organic food visit our Grow Organic page.

In all there are plenty of simple choices and changes we can make that will result in a healthier world. The sum total of these choices when most people decide to go green can have an overwhelmingly positive affect on the planet and our society.

So set some “Go Green” goals for your family to follow and get started today!

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