Free Solar Heat with a DIY Solar Pop Can Heater

DIY Solar Pop Can Heater Video

A friend shared this DIY solar heat video with us since he knows that we love how-to information for anything that can help people go green and utilize renewable resources. This solar heater project is simple enough for anyone to do and doesn’t involve expensive equipment or supplies and is MUCH less money than a solar hot water system.

There are a few companies that sell solar can air heaters if you don’t want to build one yourself. Do a search for solar heat, solar heater, pop can heater, diy solar heater or solar can heater and you will find several that come up in the results. Even a manufactured unit would be worth it since you will be collecting free heated air from the sun thereafter.

A solar can heater will help as an additional heat source for the daytime but you will still need to have another heat source for at night or during overcast days. (though some people claim that the solar heaters work with filtered sunlight) Not sure about this but worth checking into. Watch this video to learn more and visit Rich Allen’s YouTube channel to see some of his other solar heater how-to videos for additional DIY ideas and information.

DIY  Solar Can Downspout Heater Heats Air to 220F Fast!

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