Defending Our Medical Freedom

Dr. Robert Rowen believes people are not turning their backs on orthodox medicine just because it’s too expensive. He believes people are increasingly searching for alternatives because it’s expensive AND it fails to heal.

In the end, patients are both broke and sicker than ever before. People want real health, and are seeing through the false drug hype.

The first statutory protection for natural medicine in the United States was created by Dr. Rowen in the state of Alaska in 1990. This law states that the medical board shall not find a doctor professionally incompetent solely on the basis that the licensee’s practice is unconventional or experimental in the absence of demonstrable, physical harm to a patient. Since then, about 14 other states have adopted similar legislation.

Dr. Rowen believes that legislation must be implemented across the United States if we want to see any real change in the medical paradigm. On a local level, individuals need to seek out their state Senators and representatives, and urge them to introduce legislation to protect your right to elect natural medicine.

According to Dr. Rowen, the foundation of health and treatment of problems revolves around three basic factors: nutrition or malnutrition; elimination of toxins; and stress.

Once those three are addressed, most health problems will begin to resolve.

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How Dr. Rowen Initiated the Fight for Medical Freedom

“At the end of my third year at medical school, I got actually quite depressed and I almost quit, because I was participating in the treatment of patients that to me was abhorrent,” Dr. Rowen says.”… I came to see that what we were doing for our patients was the same type of chemical pollution that we were doing to the planet.

… But after three years of investment, I decided that I ought to play this out… I went on and did residency, training, and got certified. But I always kept my mind open to other things other than giving people some type of chemical to suppress the symptom.”

“I said, “This is really a problem. Alternative medicine’s getting beat up around the country, and I have the opportunity here in Alaska to do something good,” Dr. Rowen says.

“I was a big fish in a small pond. Yes, Alaska is big geographically, but its population was small, and half the population was in Anchorage where I was, so I had direct access to half the population. One of my patients was a big-time senator, and I asked him about this. He said he would be willing to sponsor the legislation…

That was 1989, but it was the end of session and it went nowhere. We decided to wait until the following year. The following year, 1990, early in the session, I went to my local representatives, who liked the idea. They put it in, and it was immediately attacked by the medical mob. I called it the medical mob because it went through all the committees everywhere, and then it was stripped out by a committee that had nothing to do with the legislation at all… We had a major fight to get it put back in…

I went on radio in Anchorage day after day. I called my patients. This was 1990, before the Internet, so radio and calls did it. Believe it or not, my representatives told me that they got more calls on this medical freedom issue than any other issue that they had seen to date since the Vietnam War.”

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