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Everyday brings something new to learn, helping us to become more self-reliant. Some days are exciting, some days peaceful (with just the sound of the wind and birds to keep us company), and some days can be downright challenging…  But, all in all, I wouldn’t trade “living the country life” for anything else!

Today was a quiet day (just after a heavy rain), with a bit of extra time to familiarize myself with the new 3.0 version of WordPress. Blogging is new for me but also quite exciting! Can’t wait until I have all my content added so I can spend more time sharing what it’s like living in a rural area of the Mid-west with all it’s beautiful nature and wildlife and even the crazy weather!
Which brings to mind that summer is finally here and my spring gardens are transitioning to those that favor the hot, dryer conditions. Since it is the gardening season I will be devoting a good part of my blog to gardening and sharing some of the tips and strategies I’ve learned over the past 30 years. I will put the info in the gardening category as soon as I create one : )
Welcome to the summer season with all the things that make life happy!

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