Can Toxic Mold Exposure in Your House Make You Sick?

toxic-mold-sicknessYes, house mold can make you sick and cause all kinds of toxic mold-related symptoms, some can be quite serious.

I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject of toxic molds, I’ll leave that to the experts in the video interview and the article linked below. But, I do have personal experience dealing with toxic mold exposure and mold sickness over the past ten years.

I am posting this information about toxic black mold and other dangerous mold in the hope that it will help someone before they have serious symptoms of mold poisoning, or allergies as a result of toxic mold exposure and have to move, as I did.

There are things you can do to prevent house mold, identify toxic black mold and even eliminate it (if you recognize the problem early enough), so your family doesn’t get sick.

Unfortunately for my family we didn’t have this information soon enough and after our older home endured a flood, the mold that was already there, spread from the basement into walls to the extent that we couldn’t control it any more. (though we tried for years)

As a result of years of mold exposure the symptoms became serious enough that I could no longer live there. (asthma and breathing difficulties are just some of the symptoms of mold sickness) Also, my daughter’s allergies were exacerbated by the mold exposure and the walls in her room had to be scrubbed daily to control the mold growth.

The article from Dr. Jack Thrasher and Dr. Mercola is well worth your time to read if you or someone you love may be dealing with unexplainable symptoms or sickness.

Video on Mold Exposure by Toxicology Expert Dr. Jack Thrasher

Dr. Jack Thrasher has a PhD in cell biology from the UCLA School of Medicine, and is an expert on the impact of mold on human health.  Read this article where he discusses the health effects of toxic molds and bacteria, as well as his recommendations for remediation.

Mold may be the cause of your sickness and it’s better to know and eliminate the mold early, before the serious symptoms of toxic mold exposure affect you or your loved ones.

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